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    History remains empty

    After playing online the history tab remains empty. Therefore I cannot add any servers to my favorites (because adding favorites can only be done from the history tab, right ?)

    Another glitch: I get something like "unkown location" (or something similar) when a custom map that I do not have yet wins the vote. It then disconnects. After reconnect it starts downloading automatically.

    Btw, I like the game. I used to play a lot on UT GOTY, and gameplay is better now. Warfare is cool too. But the interface is so bad... Please make it lean and mean. I want a lot of options on 1 screen. Not something that looks like the design of a lemonade bottle of the 80's.

    My history worked for the first couple times i ran the game. I managed to get 4 servers into my favorites. Now the history never works

    I havent tried yet but once you locate the ini file that contains the favorites you should be able to manually add new ones once you figure out what info is needed for each entry, and get it, yep a lot of trouble to add a favorite.

    I have had the game a week or so, I think this is the best release since ut99. I wish they didnt have the time delay in the rifle (UT 99 and Unreal 1 allowed much faster rifle shooting) I miss the 6 rockets too, but the three seem ok and I guess it is anti spam measure. the ASMD is the best Ive seen since the original Unreal. It looked like a vacuum cleaner in UT99. Unreal 1 ASMD was the bomb tho I heard this one was worth getting and it is. I want to support the game developers.

    The Menu GUI needs serious re-design. I hope they put it high on the list and really take to heart some user feedback on it. It is shameful to see that in a prof SW dev environmnet. But what would we all say if the menus were nearly perfect and the gameplay, weapons,and maps sucked ?