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Inbound Packet Loss

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    Inbound Packet Loss

    When I'm playing UT3, I'm getting In Loss starting around 3-6%. Generally, I don't notice this, but it consistently gets worse so that after about 3-6 maps I have to close down my UT3 and reopen in again.

    When its bad its around 15% or higher, the result is that I get problems like:

    * I cannot see my own or my enemies shots
    * I cannot see what weapons I have
    * I do not see all enemies
    * I can't always shoot nodes
    * When I use my hoverboard it flips the camera to a random position on the map for anything between 1/2 a second to 5 seconds.

    Basically, the game is unplayable until I restart the game and then its ok again for a short while.

    So I have two questions, firstly, in order to diagnose the problem, please could you provide some of the server IP addresses for the epic servers? (I dont think it says in game?)

    Also, is there something that might be causing this apart from a server on my route to the epic servers? Perhaps an in-game setting as things are getting worse the longer I play?


    I sometimes have that exact same problem. I have always assumed it's my crappy ISP, because I used to have the same problem in UT2004.


      Yeah I've spent the rest of the day trying to find out if its a problem on my side. Looks like it is :/

      I seem to be having up to 10% packet loss on my 3rd hop (first one after my router). So its unavoidable. Great