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UT3 ruined other games and videos

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    UT3 ruined other games and videos

    I installed UT3 along with the latest patch. Prior to installing the game, crysis, IL2 and GRAW2 worked perfectly - and I mean perfectly. Every video using whatever codecs on my PC also worked fine.

    Now, I cant play the above games at all. IL2 freezes for 10~ seconds every 2 seconds. GRAW2 runs at about 2 FPS. Crysis won't even let me get past the intro screens.

    Oh , and UT3 won't start either.

    Videos stutter and pause every ~5 seconds.

    This game has ruined my Windows installation.

    I've updated various audio codecs and my graphics cards drivers (x1900xtx), but I don't see why I should have to change anything on my machine, which was running perfectly until this 'game' was installed.

    What gives EPIC. Do you even have a QA department? Or were they staffed by work-experience kids during the development of UT3?

    I'm really sorry to hear about your Windows install, however I partly blame Microsoft for that kinda thing anyway.

    Anyway, funny you should mention about Epic's QA dept. It appears they have an opening for 'Game Test Manager' on the job openings page of their web site:


      Driver Sweeper fixed all of my crash issues and my system worked flawlessly before UT3 as well. You might want to debug your system though: 2d video problems may be a warning of something more serious. Your GPU's heat sink/fan might have stopped working or maybe your RAM is bad. If you have 2 DIMM's, try removing one and see if it runs better (even if slower) with just one.