i've been looking at some different 3d goggles/glasses/shutters/headmounts blah blah you get the point. sounds fun, looks fun, probably isnt.
i'd love to play ut3 in a more imersive manner as well as other games, watching a manta pancake my sorry carcass would be FUN for a change!

i know ut2004 had support but havent seen anything of ut3. i was looking at the vr920 (350$) but its a 2 oled displays @ 640x480, not sure how i'd like that. equally looking at E-D 3D which looks promising as it uses my own monitor and has a wide shutter so it shouldnt clip my monitor any.

if you've used stereo3d glasses or a hmd PLEASE let me know how it works (if it does) on ut3. im direly curious and afraid to drop 400 bucks to find out it doesnt work.