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help with running UT3 on a laptop

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    help with running UT3 on a laptop

    i just got a new alienware laptop and UT3 will not work(or it will work for about 1 minute), is there some kinda driver/patch im missing.
    the specs of the laptop are...
    dual 512MB Nvidia Genforce 8700MGT graphics cards
    17 Wide 1920X1200 LCD with Clearview monitor
    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7100 2.16Hz 4 MD
    4GB Dual channel DDR2 50Dimm at 667MHz-2X2048mb
    Windows Vista home premium
    8X Dual Layer CD-RW/DVD-RW disk drive
    and 2 120gb hard drives

    Do you have the latest drivers from nvidia for your GPU and the latest patch for UT3 (1.1)? Maybe try updating some of the other drivers on the laptop from the manufacturer (audio especially).