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ut3 automatically sets my pc raphic settings to ****

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    ut3 automatically sets my pc raphic settings to ****

    ok i know i have a crappy computer but this is ridiculous how unreal tournament sets my graphic settings to the LOWEST even when i set it to medium.. its like im playing doom for PS1. im not buying a new computer or new video card so don't tell me that

    i just want to know why does this game have a graphic settings menu if they won't let you save and run the settings you choose.

    i play battlefield 2142 and the game automatically sets my graphic settings to medium.. but i can easily go change all the settings to high and see how it plays. i know it will be alot of lagging and stuttering if i play on high settings because the game let me save it on those settings.

    on UT3,i can't even test out what the game looks like on medium or high settings . i know it will stutter and lag on high settings but i KNOW i can play on medium settings because i passed the minimum requirements test.
    so how can i save my settings on medium without the game automatically putting it back to low.

    i heard about a ut3 graphic tweaker. what is that?

    To keep your settings on restart, you'll need to have a profile. If you don't have one, create one immediately! And yes, the game defaults to a pitifully low resolution at 800x600 but many people don't realize that the profile is the key to retaining settings.


      so once i create official profile with my cd key,i can save my settings on medium?
      i didnt create profile with my cd key bcuz i was thinking of selling the key if i couldnt get the game to stop setting everything to **** settings


        Exactly, db.