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    Bind Tab Key

    I've tried several different things to get this to work, but to no avail yet. I've tried searching, but strings that short won't get searched in the forum.

    I've always used Tab as the Translocator, which makes it a natural choice for the Translocator/Hoverboard key. Still those up at epic seemed to make it very hard to be able to change the behavior of this key.

    Any suggestions or directions toward helpful posts would be appreciated!

    If I get no answer, I'm gonna have to suggest a "how do you map your keyboard" post for other suggestions! Still, Shift was 'down in a flying vehicle'. I tried Shift as 'Trans/Hoverboard' and Ctrl as 'down in flying vehicle', but man that sucks.

    Anyway, first things first....

    Someone in another post mentioned this link as an answer to the bind tab key issue I'm having

    but I can't seem to get this to work. I've got it in the UTInput.ini in my documents folder, but is seems to go with the configuration in the UT3 program files UTInput.ini.

    Something I'm missing here?

    I've added

    Bindings=(Name="Tab",Command="GBA_ToggleTranslocat or")

    to the UTInput.ini in my documents, but it just seems to ignore it. The tab key seems to be referenced throughout the both of these .ini files for stuff that I'm afraid I might bork something up.