Can't access campaign but can play the instant action fine
Sorry guys but I'll be flooding with this issue till it gets fixed.
Yes, I tried creating a new profile.
Offline play crashes the same way.
My system:
Windows XP 64bit / Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (fresh install)
All new Drivers for all devices for both OSes. Antivirus, Firewall. Tried disabling both, didn't help.
CPU: q6700 @ 3GHz (nope, not even close to overheating, super-stable, no voltage modifications ect)
MEM: 4gb ram.
MB: ASUS Striker Extreme nvidia 680i SLI chip
SND: X-Fi eXtreme Music
Always crashes when I try to start a campaign game, new game or continue. Crashes when we end an online campaign game (I can join Campaign game but it crashes when we end/win the map). Crashes on loading screen after all videos.
Plays instant action and online games (non-campaign) just fine. But I bought it for campaign only. I know it sounds stupid. I thought I'd exchange this game for COD4 but that is no longer an option, I have'em both now...
Please fix this campaign issue before I get bored of my new games! I have plenty uncompleted&online games so I'd say I'll be back in a month or so
But I'll keep bothering ya till this issue is fixed!