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Could there be bad DVD's out there?

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    Could there be bad DVD's out there?

    Some of these problems seem almost like a bad install of the game, but if the DVD is bad it won’t help. Has anyone return the DVD for a new one or switch with a friend that has np? Is it possible some of the DVD’s could be defected?

    Might even touch on the DVD player it’s self, not installing right.

    Most probs with installing,are prob caused by old dvd`s.
    Sometimes updating the firmware on it can fix that prob.

    Otherwise you might have to buy a new dvd-rom.


      UT3 runs fine at this end. Zero problems.

      I’m referring to everyone else that is having problems. Some of these problems are just with certain maps and certain spots. It makes me wonder it the game was installed right. Almost like a bad down load that doesn’t work and you have to down load it again. In this case reinstalling UT3, but if the DVD is bad then reinstalling the game won’t help. So I ask is it possible that bad DVD could have been shipped?

      I’m just wondering why all the problems and wonder if that could be it. But, yeah to take it a step further you could also look at the DVD player it’s self or dirt on the DVD. I had players work on 99% of my cd’s, but for one particular CD. Maybe the player isn’t copying the files of the CD in one spot, who knows.


        Or maybe some of them don`t have the orig dvd if you get what i mean.
        It`s hard to say tbh,can be bad config computer,old dvd drive,conflicts.

        All i`m saying is it can be a number of things.


          Yeah I know what you mean. I agree it can be a lot of things. Just seems like that goes over looked.