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Fix for noisy BFG Ageia PhysX card fan

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    Fix for noisy BFG Ageia PhysX card fan

    Since there are no coolers or fans that claim to work on the Ageia PhysX card I am posting this in case anyone else has this problem. The fan on my BFG PhysX card sounded like a jet engine soon after I installed it. Most aftermarket coolers have pretty good web sites and some with dimensional drawings showing required clearances. After eliminating ones like Zalman because of the caps on the PhysX card, I found this really cheap one that could work.

    So, I replaced The oem noise maker with the Vantec Iceberg 5. Pretty darn inexpensive and almost silent. Clears all the caps and has heat sinks for the ram as well. But, all is not perfect. This thing is big, heavy, and takes up two slots. It is solid copper, so in theory, pretty good heat transfer. The mounting bracket attaches from the back, so, that takes up space there as well. Works in my case the the sound card in the slot above. Would also work with a LAN card, but not with a video card of any type. May not work for everyone depending on how many PCI slots are free or what is in them. Here are a couple of pics.

    This fan does not plug into the board, it comes with an adapter to plug into a standard 4 pin power connector like case fans have.

    You can see how tight the fit is. The card in the slot above is a SB Live 24 bit and it does clear, but only just. Nothing in the slot now blocked by it.

    This card does have many holes in it to mount many a cooler to it, but from the coolers I looked at, The caps on the card are in the way on of most what I saw available. Another detail was the memory, the oem fan cooled them from air flow, many other coolers leave no space for heat sinks or air flow.

    Next the chipset fan, as it is now the noisy one in my system.

    Nice work But my system is already extreme loud, so i cannot hear the BFG fan anyway ^^. In two months i will get a new case and fans and a fancontrol, so it might be that i will need this.


      it's good to see some better fans work on the PhysX card, since i avoid this card for 2 reasons:

      1- only a few games support it.
      2- noisy stock fan!

      if i can get it for cheap, used, somewhere, i'll maybe take it, and replace the noisy stock fan for that Vantec heatsink-fan...and maybe undervolt the fan for less noise?

      it's such a pain in the ***** to make a very low-noise computer, i think i spent like 200$ on mine for silent stuff:

      - Seasonic S12 430W (first gen, not the second gen which have a slightly noisier fan)
      - Scythe Ninja (CPU heatsink, with Noctua NF-S12-1200 pointing at the exhaust fan)
      - ThermalRight HR-05 North Bridge/Chipset heatsink(passively cooled, CPU fan on Scythe Ninja cool it a bit)
      - Asus Geforce 7600GT 256mb Silent (with the heatsink arm on the side, the max. temp i monitored is around 67-68 degrees which is not very hot for a video card)
      - front and exhaust fan are Noctua NF-S12-1200 too, front is undervolted at 9V (900rpm) and exhaust fan is at full 1200rpm speed
      - Western Digital hard disk (WD2000JS) is also at the quietest in the Acoustic Management
      - front fan also help in the cooling of the video card, since the video card's heatsink arm is pointing at it.


        A Tip:

        I would say the best is to try every PCI Slot with the Physx on the mainboard to get the fastest configuration. On my motherboard only 2 Slots will bring up the highest performance, on three slots the card is slower. if thge performance increase with Physx is lower than expected, try it out.