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Freezing and Offline Profile not saving

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    Freezing and Offline Profile not saving

    I'd first like to say I'm pretty happy right now, as I've really only got two problems that need fixing, and one looks as if it's not fixable anyway.

    First and foremost, Unreal Tournament 3 freezes for me. It's rather random as to when it freezes, with no set time, no set maps, no set conditions that make it freeze. I've had it freeze after ~4 hours of playing, and even once before I could even click to start a match. When it freezes, it's completely gone. I need a reboot of the system, as it will not allow me to alt+tab to the desktop.

    I've seen a few fixes here and there for it, but they all seem to be for Nvidia cards, not surprising as Unreal Tournament 3 seems to lean a bit toward Nvidia anyway.

    I've got a Pentium Dual Core @ 2x1.8 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM, and an ATI Radeon x1550. When it hasn't frozen, everything works perfectly fine, incredibly fine for me, actually, it runs with the resolution at 1024x768, Textures at 5, and World Detail at 3 with no hang at all.

    The second problem is the whole offline profile stuff not saving. But, from what I've looked at, you just need to update? Maybe? ... And even that's gonna be annoying, seeing as I have no internet. -_-

    Well, if ya can help out, it'd be much appreciated. :]

    And if Epic could make it less oriented towards the internet, well, that'd be real appreciated too. :]


    I too am having these very same problrems plus when i turn off the pc by the mains to get rid of the freeze i click back on the game and it asks me for my cd key again and all my saved progress is gone.

    I've tried some of the solutions and none have worked.


      Mine locks up too. Can't figure out what the problem is. Tried everything. It was running fine when I first installed it. Could it be the patch? My problems didn't start till after I installed the patch.


        I've only encountered freeze ups when trying to connect to 2 of the official MIDWAY servers. I believe that if you see any official servers sitting there with zero players connected, it's a solid indicator that particular server is experiencing problems and you should only attempt to connect to official servers where there are players already connected.

        Bearing that in mind, I have had NO problems connecting to player run dedicated servers with nobody connected.


          I haven't got the patch, so that couldn't be it.

          And I'm quite sure that my problem isn't connecting to servers, as I don't even have internet at home. Also happens to be the reason I don't have the patch, and play offline. xD

          For me the problem isn't as bad as needing the CD Key. The game just totally locks up (More like locks down, considering the computer needs to be rebooted) but runs 'fine' (as in it'll eventually lock up again) the next time.

          A strange game...



            I bought the game to play the game. Not mess about with the set ups and configs and yadda yadda.

            From what I've played its really good and far exceeds the others but the Freezing up is just annouying because yeah the whole pc has to be rebooted and the progress made is completely lost.

            I'm surprised this game hasn't been as properly tested as its been made out. And thats a big shame because with all the messing about with grapthics card and config its just way too much hassle to play a
            a game. And for that I'm gutted.

            Is there any patches that will help fix the problems or has it come to that point where I remove the game and let it gather dust on the shelve never fully played. (I hope not because from what I have played its really good.)

            Sadly it looks for me that It will gather dust while I move on to another game. I just cannot be bothered with messing about for one game.


              The patch is not a cure-all for crash issues. Crashes and hangs are usually resolved by editing the UTEngine.ini found in My Documents\My Games\... Check Ultron's sticky post for details.

              Failing that, I got cured my crashes by uninstalling my video card drivers in safe mode with Driver Sweeper.

              Both nVidia and ATI have recently released drivers that you should install after the sweep:
              Forceware 169.28 WHQL or ATI Catalyst 7.12
              All flavours of OS (XP, Vista, 23 and 64 bit) are available here:

              You can't save settings if you don't create a profile. If you've created one and it still doesn't stick, you probably have to reinstall UT3.


                Creating an offline pforile in UT3

                - Unreal Tournament offline profile -

                For all those wishing to play on singleplayer - LAN and campaign - but experienced problems and couldn't create an offline profile, and for ppl that experienced game crash when playing an in game movie.

                I suggest to make backup copies of all files we modify.

                To make an offline profile follow my instructions step by step:

                1) Turn off the "automatic login" in the game - if you want to play online, then leave it on, but for singleplayer games and LAN turn it off.

                2) Go to the Config folder located in ...\My documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\

                3) In there, find the UTGame.ini file and open it. At the beginning find the section:


                If you can't find it, try ctrl+f and type [DefaultPlayer]

                In the "Name=" line write your nickname, for example Behemoth like so:


                4) save and exit, then go up to ...\Moje documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\

                5) Find the "SaveData" folder. There should be a file named "Player.ue3profile". Copy it in the same folder and change the first section to your nickname (Behemoth in this case), it should look like this:


                Now your profile has been created.

                6) To fix the crashing movies problem go to ...\My documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\

                Open UTEngine.ini file and find:


                (hit ctrl+f and type "PumpWindowMessages" to find it)

                Then change the "False" at the end into "True"

                It has to look like this:

                Save it and enjoy a singleplayer game with your own profile, saved games and configurations. Peace

                Some say that patch 1.2 fixes all those profile problems and movie crash, but there is no guarantee and not everyone likes patches