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Doesn't save Input setting changes

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    Doesn't save Input setting changes


    I searched on google to see if anyone else has had this problem before and it looks like no one has. So, here it is. When I change the input settings on ut3 they don't save. They will stay the same as long as the game is open, but if I close it and go back it I have to redo them all over again. I do not have an internet connection atm, so I don't know if patching will correct this issue. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did patching correct it?

    Thanks in advance.

    having the same problem resolution settings seem to be there just to annoy you and not actually change anything as far as i know the patch hasnt fixed that issue so i as well would like some help


      There are 2 fixes for this problem:

      1. Update to the new patch, it fixes the No Save problem.
      2. Make sure you have an online profile and you are logged in, even if you are playing offline.

      Either one will fix the problem.


        Thanks for the responses. I was also figuring that I needed to set up an online profile and that would save it. Thanks. I just need to get my internet connection turned back on. I'll post up if its still a problem after I patch.


          i have the same problem with assigning keys for controls, and i AM patched-up completely.

          i have the gamepad / joystick selections [U]un[U]-checked, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. :-(

          the **** defaults are set up with joystick controls as the primary controls, then my changed controls as secondary.

          i've even tried changing the values, then immediately saving them and exiting the game, but as soon as i re-start the game the gd joystick controls are back to the defaults.

          gonna try changing the .ini to read-only? to see if that helps at all...


            exact same problem I have:

            Please let me know if you find anything. And I do play with an online account.