Hello there! Hope everyone's doing well! I was just wondering if somebody might have a solution for me, please, as i'm not entirely sure if it's been adressed before?

In the map i am currently co-authoring, i am attempting to make a revolving cube, comprised of many smaller cubes, each with a set distance between them. As present, i have made the object and placed it where i want it, and in the center of it, i have placed a dynamic light, that would cast the cube's shadows on the wall as it rotates (which it does not do yet). On building all paths, i get the shadows appearing on the wall as intended, but when i walk/roam around the room in either the in-editor view window, play window or in game, i can only view the shadow effect in one position. Everywhere else, all appears as though i was using the "unlit" view mode.

Could anyone help me, please?


EDIT* Having paid more attention to what's going on, at certain angles the map does not behave as in unlit view, the shadows cast by the light just disappear. R