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UT3 problems fix's (i dunno if they will help)

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  • UT3 problems fix's (i dunno if they will help)

    ok i dont know if this will help anyone but here it goes..

    Game wont install fully, may only install half way or not at all:

    1. First of all try installing straight away again after your first error it sometimes works if you try again.
    2. You could try a system restore its has been known to work.
    3. Copy all the files in the DVD to your hard drive (which is usually C: )
    and install the game from there.

    UT3.exe has encountered an error:

    1. Ok so first of all if you have any mods installed (especially char models) and you messed around with the .ini then this could be causing the problem, just revert your ini to what it originally was
    2. Turn OFF Hardware OpenAL in game as this can sometimes cause problems, just hit settings go to the audio tab and uncheck it

    Games lags badly and everything looks messed up:

    1. First of all try updating your drivers especially your graphics card drivers
    2. Reduce or turn-ff Anisotropic Filtering in UT3’s menu as this sometimes cause's problem's

    There are no servers appearing in the UT3 online server search:

    1. Make sure that the game as free access to port 7777, you must configure you'r firewall to open this port although it should already be open

    well thats all for now I hoped it helped as I know it can be very annoying for a great game such as this so not work properly