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Saving a game

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    Saving a game


    I played on UT3 for about 3 hours yesterday but when i have come to play on it today my settings haven't been saved and niether has my game, very annoying

    Does anyone know why this would have happened? and what i can do to get past this problem?

    Can anyone help?

    none of my character settings are saving, my key config isn't saving and the campaign isn't saving.

    And i have created a profile and logged in.


      Have you changed your Documents and settings directory to a diffrent portition? If yes, you probably gonna push your "D and S" back to C:/ or where ever you put your system portition. if it doesnt save then, your gonna have to reinstall ut and then it should save your progress!


        Were you signed into a profile?


          I haven't moved my Doc and Settings anywhere so it shouldn't be that

          Yea i was signed into my profile when i was playing my game, might try making a new account and see if that works, will post results soon.


            ok i have tried making a new account and that didn't work either. guess the next thing that i can do is try reinstalling the game?


              I am having the same problem, and this is a completly new install of Windows. I had to reinstall Windows because of the Invalid Key Bug, and now this! So...

              Do I need to reinstall Windows again or is there a slightly less invasive fix?


                Ok Symun, try this.....

                Go into your My Documents folder to this path:
                My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3

                Delete everything in the folder.

                When you start the game again it will recreate the files and everything should start working. Just be aware that you will need to type in your CD key again.

                Epic, you should be embarrassed!


                  ok cheers mate i will try that later, when im not at work, and let you know how i get on.


                    It seems to only fix some things, and it's only short term. I was able to set my Video settings, but things like Mouse invert and saving games seem to stop after a short time and they all revert to their previous state. My guess is that Unreal is corrupting the files when it is writing them to the drive when you quit the game and then replacing the files with default ones. The reason I say this is.....

                    If I go to My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config and edit UTInput.ini and change the line:

                    When I launch the game my mouse is inverted, but if I quit and relaunch the line goes back to bInvertMouse=False. That tells me that UE3 is overwriting those files for some reason and replacing them with default settings for some reason.

                    Camon Epic, how about some help here?


                      Ok, I have a fix...

                      1. Update to the new patch, it fixes the No Save problem.
                      2. Make sure you have an online profile and you are logged in, even if you are playing offline.

                      Either one will fix the problem.


                        Yea it seems to be working now.

                        Thanks Nelix, maybe you shold be working at Epic.