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UT3 Not working

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    UT3 Not working

    im annoyed because i got ut3 for christmas 1st probelm i got a faulty disk which now has to be sent back to a relative to be replaced

    i then borrowed a friends disk but when installed correctly without failure

    when I start UT3 after a long wait of nothing it shuts off my monitor and slowly restarts my computer

    I am very annoyed at this and have been trying for ages to fix it by downloading every driver possible to update my computer and editing INI files like stated in some posts

    and i do have the minimum requirements almost the reccomended (only thing i need to get recommended is my graphics card which is a Geforce 6600 GTX)

    I dont want to be directed to another post i just want someone to tell me whats wrong why it wont work and how to fix it

    A list of all of the hardware in your computer would be helpful as well as which version of video drivers that you're running.


      AMD Athalon 64 Processor
      2.41 GHz, 1 Gig of Ram
      Nvidia 6600 GTX
      ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe


        Try completely uninstalling your video card drivers in SAFE MODE with Driver Sweeper and install the 169.28 Forceware made by nVidia specifically for UT3.


          thanks for the help so far but it didn't work has anyone else got anything


            So what exactly have you tried? Did you edit the DefaultEngine.ini or the UTEngine.ini? Did you sweep your drivers? Did you turn of OpenAL audio? Are you running AVG Anti Virus? Give us some specifics!


              im no expert on this...

              Max rulez ignore this post, this is aimed at the others reading this..

              could it have anything to do with DX? .. just if its going off as soon as he opens the game could the vid's at the beginning be causing the issue?

              im half inclined to say download the tool in my sig, use it to remove your videos and apply the low graphics settings by clicking the turtle..

              just food for thought