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(PS3) Connecting to a Midway Warfare server froze on load 6x???!

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    (PS3) Connecting to a Midway Warfare server froze on load 6x???!


    After refreshing the server list 10 times to get a full display of all the servers available (AND yes I have to do this almost all the time on the PS3 on any game mode because of bug which results in incomplete server lists), there were only 2 official Midway WARFARE servers running at noon EST (US), aside from a few player hosted games and European servers.

    Since the Midway Warfare servers tend to have less lag, I tried joining one of them and the game froze on me about 6 times during load, prompting me to restart the PS3 each time. For a sec, I was afraid I might damage the darn thing restarting it repetitively that way.

    I also noticed that no one was playing on both Midway Warfare servers, which gives a small reason to believe several people have experienced the same problem. Immediately after the attempts, I just gave up in frustration and played another game.

    My question is: Has anyone experienced this too? I mean particularly pertaining to the Midway Warfare servers for today. Hopefully, this will clear up by tomorrow. And no, my internet connection works just fine as I have played TDM today before all this. This was for the PS3 guys again.

    I'm having similar problems. Also when I host a game my PS3 freezes frequently when a player enters the game.

    Hopefully, EPIC will release a quick fix soon.

    EDIT: TC don't use the back switch to turn your PS3 off , just keep pressed the front on - off button for about 5 seconds.


      I think you need to start a petition to Epic to fix it so that game hosts can run servers for PS3 on regular server computers. Then your ping and bad server problems will be gone.


        We haven't heard much about what Epic is planning to do about the server issues. Both lack of servers, the server list and the server issues.

        We can only hope that the next patch is full of goodness. No Mark, I didn't mean that kind of goodness!

        They're working on the European version of the game, which I can only assume means they're fixing the problems in the game before releasing it there. As you know, this game is a huge hit in Euro land. In the meantime, I assume that all of the fixes they're implementing for that version will make it to the PS3 via a patch.

        Or in other words, why release two patches when they can release one monster patch that synchs up the two versions of the game so that all future patches can be implemented across the board.


          Yes, for whatever reason some servers will freeze your system every time you try to join them. I haven't found any pattern to it yet, it's completely random. The only thing that's consistent is that if you try to join it again it will freeze every time.

          The other night I had another PS3 over and after I got 2 freezes in a row I tried the same server from the other PS3 and it froze too.

          As far as the server lists, after you do the initial search, don't just hit refresh right away if 3 servers come up. Wait 5 seconds, and the rest will load. I don't think there's any problem with it not showing servers. The only problem is has is that it says most servers are at 2500 ping when they aren't.


            Have same issue occurring (PS3 freezes on the load screen when connecting to a server) not as frequent but enough to be annoying...


              I freeze on midway server loading constantly. It needs to be fixed.

              W00t! 100th post!!!!!