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    UT III problem

    ive got a problem when i try to get in a online match in UT III, i can select a match etc etc but when i get to the loading screen (just as it finishes loading) vista closes the game and says that there was a unexpected error

    anyone able to shed some light on this?

    This is a verry normal problem that lots of people, including me are experiencing.
    Ther's no real fix to it yet, but some people have mede it work by opdating the graphics card driver, chipsett, turning of OpenAL and some other things.

    first off you should update to patch 1.1
    if it's still buggy check out the sticky troubleshooting threads!

    for me it works about 50% of the time.
    if it crashes, i can restart my PC and i'll work like a charm again.


      heh, if I were you I would get rid of vista and go back to xp. That will solve probably 95% of your problems, and not only with the game.


        Panic over ... i re-installed the ATi Catalyst Drivers etc etc and the 1.1 patch and its working fine now thanks Hasol

        tbh tho i thought it was something to do with my system as its just a OLD Rio 3 motherboard and a intergrated ATi 1100 graphics chip so i didnt expect it to run amazingly til i updated it anyway....