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Questions about History/Favorits/Weapon.ini ...

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    Questions about History/Favorits/Weapon.ini ...

    Hello together,

    I figured out several issues by reading in this forum which is really helpful. Thanks a lot at all here. But now I still can't solve 4 issues by just reading in this forum and I hope you can help me.

    1.) I have no Servers in my History? Why? Mostly I play on InstaGib Servers! Is this the reason?

    2.) Because I have no History I can't add servers to my Favorites. Isn't it possible to do it in a different way?

    3.) I have no weapon.ini in my folder "My Documents\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config"! Maybe it's because I used the nohomedir command some days ago, because I had login difficulties? But after a while I switched back to start the usual way. I'm asking because I want to change my crosshair like descript in Ultron's UT3 Tweaks.

    4.) When I connect or even refresh the server browser it's refreshing the list really slowly and the pings which are shown are around 100-2500ms. But when I connect to a server the ping is fine. I have no firewall actived during I play. So this can't be the reason. Sorry I didn't searched for this issue in this forum. Maybe this question is already answered!

    Ok, those are the questions for the moment. But one last comment. Epic, why have you released such an unfinished game?!?

    By the way. To all people which are using a Logitech mouse. Use your mouse speed and acceleration from your system and not from set point Logitech software. This will improve your mouse feeling and aiming very well.

    Many thanks in advance for hopefully answering my questions.