When you are putting in your filter options, let's say you want to play WAR. You only want it to show the KB/M-enabled servers, so you say "Yes" to that option before searching. You don't find a room you like, so you go back to the search screen. You then change the game type to CTF.

Even though it says "Yes" in the KB/M option, as soon as you change the gametype you want to search for it will revert back to "any". Really, try it out for yourself. Your next search is going to show you "any" servers, not just the KB/M ones. There are different ways you can test this yourself, and there are multiple ways that the game can "forget" that you only want it to display KB/M rooms. Sometimes it'll show you only KB/M servers, and when you hit refresh, it's back to showing you "any" servers.

Just throwing this out there in the hopes that it gets fixed in the patch as well