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Disconnet after multiplayer round ends

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    Disconnet after multiplayer round ends

    Ok. I have seen a few threads touching on this topic but still I am having issues.

    I can log in, find a server, join a server, and play a round with no problems what so ever. But, 90% of the time, before the new round starts, I get disconnected. If all I had to do was re-join the server I wouldnt gripe much. But I have to go back 2 screens, re-log in, then get back to the server I was playing on. This game is a blast to play, but I am really losing interest for the fact that I have to constantly log back in after every round.

    One of the solutions I found on another thread was to use a tool called TCP/IP Optimizer, which I have. I used optimal settings and increased my TTL. Still no fix.

    I can see others are having this same exact problem. And in fact, it seems like this game is 1 problem after another. Seriously. Why release a game that really doesnt work correctly. Thats beyond me, but now that its here, it needs to be working.

    Anyway, has anyone had any insight onto this problem..? Besides the TCP/IP optimizer, I have not found any solutions to this matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ***Note*** I forgot to add some things. Im on a cable connection behind a Linksys router. I have opened all the appropriate ports that I have seen in other posts.
    I will post my pc specs if it helps, but dont see that as being part of the problem. I would test UT3 on my other 2 pc's but I cant even get the game to run on them (yet another issue for another day)