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Someone Help please.

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    Woooo Helped me and it works!
    Thank fork for woooo!

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    Gah instead of moving it cant you just help me?

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  • started a topic Someone Help please.

    Someone Help please.

    I seem to have made many threads in the tech support forum, and seem to get no help.

    So Ill ask here as im on the brink now! Getting to the end of my teather.
    I mean im not being unreasonable... I bought the game so I expect to be able to play it.

    Right heres my dilema.

    I got my PC upgraded yesterday, New graphics card 8000 GT 512.
    New Mobo
    New PSU
    new case.

    I uninstalled ut3 and reinstalled it, quite afew times actually trying to fix this problem.
    I Try and load the Game, and before it even starts advertising geforce etc it crashes. ut3.exe error.

    I have tryed editing the .ini and nothing worked so I reinstalled the game so my settings are back to normall.

    Please can someone help. I have bin waiting months for an upgrade so i can play this game. now this is another hold up.