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    I just bought Unreal 3 and soon as i got home I installed it. When I tryed to play the Campaign I got 12 seconds into the starting video andthe game froze. So when that happen I restarted my computer then tryed again. It went a little bit further into the video before it froze again. After that I reinstalled the game and tryed again with same resolt. I tryed getting the patch but it didnt help it was still freezing, I even tryed skipping the video but still it froze. I am able to play online, quick match, and instant action, but for some reason it freezes on the campaign.

    My computer is a custom built PC.
    I am running windows XP SP2
    1.80 GHz Single Core
    1.0 GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeFoce 7600 GS

    I also tryed it on my brothers computer.
    XP SP2
    2.0 GHz Single Core
    2.0 GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS

    I had the same resolt on both computers. Im not sure what to try next. Anyone else having the same problem or have any ideas?

    I have the same problem, but I can skip the videos (takes a while though).


      Same here. Had a complete freeze when I first ran the game, got the 1.01 patch and it works fine (other than the constant lock ups in cut scenes when trying to play the single player campaign).

      Can we fix??


        Yes, you 3 are not the first by any means. Please read the stickies and try the .ini tweaks and post back the results.


          .ini tweak works! Thanks Ultron, alcom77.

          For the rest of ya

          Again many thanks!


            Whoops, I did that a while ago, I just haven't actually played UT3 for a while, so I never got to test it. Hopefully it works now.