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    PS3 Connection Help

    I live in the U.K and imported UT3 from America.

    The game works fine, except:
    When I load the game up, within about 2 minutes of being at the title screen I will get : "An error has occured, you have been signed out of PSN". This happens no matter what I do, wether I'm playing single player, trying to get online or just keeping the game on the title screen.
    So basicaslly I cannot play online at all, which is what I bought the game for.

    I have never had this problem with any other game, so I'm not to sure if it's my connection, although it may well be.

    (Here is my connection on my wired PC, but PS3 is wireless so it will only be slightly slower.)

    I have also heard that a small number of other people are having this problem, so I am not the only one.

    Thanks for any help.

    EDIT: and sorry if this is in the wrong place, looking around this seems to be a PC section? Was recommended to come here for help so my first time here ^_^