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Autokick problem in MP

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    Autokick problem in MP

    I've got a problem during multiplayer matches via Internet.
    It's not really "autokick" but every 10 to 15 minutes I have some kind of a connection seems as if my connection is lost to the server but without any messages that tell me that my connection has lost or anything else. I'm still in the match BUT I can neither move nor shoot anymore and all the other players (including vehicles, bots, ect.) just move onward the direction they go...
    It's as if the server has suspended but I can rejoin the server and everything is normal...a friend of mine who is on the same server has NOT the problem (we communitcate via TeamSpeak so he can tell me that he's got no problem).
    and, btw, it happens on EVERY server I join.
    So, and I haven't the foggiest what causes this kind of lag.
    I hope my problem is understandable and that someone's able to help me (maybe someone who has had the same prob??!?!)