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Missing Text in Menus; trouble creating account

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    Missing Text in Menus; trouble creating account

    Okay, so when I run the game I'm seeing the ends of many of the messages at the bottom of the screen cut off. In addition, when I click on "Create Account" at the bottom of the first page, after entering details I get an error message reading; The password provided is invalid for the existing account based on the specified email address. If you have forgotten your user name or password, please visit http://ww - At this point, the message is cut off... and I see a little triangle of screen tearing with a few random letters in it :S. Anyone tell me whats going on? I'm running well above the minimum system specs, and I've tried at different resolutions. Hell, I'm running Crysis without any difficulties :P.
    Not so worried about the account registration (maybe because I'm using a hotmail account and the system doesn't like that?) as the tiny bit of screen tearing and the loss of the menu text.

    Im gonna see if I can find whether its a certain part of the screen thats moving, or whether its related to the text menus only.
    I will also check the game play itself to check for tearing.


    Text in loading screens is corrupted, Subtitles in cinematics, on screen text when picking up a gun, for example, has half the letters blacked out. Game crashed first time I took a hit, no errors at all, just locked up the computer.