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trouble saving stuff like friends, favourites etc...

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    trouble saving stuff like friends, favourites etc...


    I've encountered some problems with the game not saving some settings i make

    - friend invites i get; the game tells me i have received a friend-invite, i accept, i get asked if i want to invite the dude that just invited me (?) to become his friend, i click ok and nothing happens.. noone is added in my friends list :X

    - server favourites... I cant add any servers and i cant find any servers in the server-history, not even right after i played on a few servers.. The lists are just empty:/

    - custom crosshairs.. same story; i edited the stuff in the ini, just like i read on these forums, yet i cant choose it in the crosshair menu...

    - Textbinds: Also, it doesn't save the textbinds i set. Is there any way to customise those in the ini's? I used to have FC directions etc. set to 'teamsay' in UT99; i tried the setbind command, but ut3 won't save them.. They only work in 1 map, after the map, the binds are gone

    ****.. that alot to read ;p i'd greatly appreciate some help/ assistance.

    I also have a constantly empty server history, therefore I cannot add any favorites. I forget which ini file it is, but I do have a list of server ID numbers, but I don't know what they mean without IP's. I used to sometimes have a server history... I don't know if it's from the last patch, or right around the the same time when servers began adding custom maps and muts, and disconnecting you when you didnt have them.....

    as for crosshairs, I dont know when, but my Simple Crosshair is now decently small. don't know if Custom UT had something to do with that or, again, the last patch. it works tho, gg. I also set the A (transparency) value to 180 in my ini.

    It took me a long time to get textbinds working... the keynames in this are different from 2k4. I have messages bound to the numpad. "NumpadNine" in UT3 vs "Numpad9" in 2k4.

    The greyslash, greyminus, etc from 2k4 are now named, for some reason, after the mathematical operation they're used to perform... just check this example from my UTInput.ini

    Bindings=(Name="NumPadone",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - LOW LEFT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadtwo",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - LOW MIDDLE")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadthree",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - LOW RIGHT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadfour",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - MID LEFT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadfive",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - CENTER")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadsix",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - MID RIGHT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadseven",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - HIGH LEFT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadeight",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - HIGH MIDDLE")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadnine",Command="TeamSay Our FLAG - HIGH RIGHT")
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadzero",Command="TeamSay OUR BASE IS DIRTY!!!")
    Bindings=(Name="decimal",Command="TeamSay OUR FLAG HASN'T LEFT THE BASE YET!!!")
    Bindings=(Name="divide",Command="TeamSay GOT FLAG! COVER .OUR. LOW RIGHT")
    Bindings=(Name="multiply",Command="TeamSay GOT FLAG! COVER .OUR. HIGH RIGHT!")
    Bindings=(Name="add",Command="TeamSay GOT FLAG! COVER OUR .OUR. LOW LEFT!")
    Bindings=(Name="subtract",Command="TeamSay GOT FLAG! COVER OUR .OUR. HIGH LEFT!")

    I never could manage to bind mousewheel to anything but weapon switching tho.. I got all the weps on keys, and I wanted the wheel set to the Show Basepath, so i could immediately GET THOSE ^*%%^#%# ARROWS OUT OF MY FACE!!!!!!! .. that bind never sticks. Do editor Bindings conflict with the game bindings at all? I know the middle mouse BUTTON doesnt show up in the ini... but i couldnt bind anything to "MiddleMouseButton" either.


      Hey thanx man, ima try those binds in a few, they are about the same as i used to have them, before i retired from ut99

      Indeed, the x-hair simple is a small cross, but i wanted to add the dot; it's what i used in ut99 all the time. It dont seem to stick in the inis tho, and it dont show up in the x-hair menu.

      yep, those arrows are about the most annoying visuable stuff in-game.. Now i've read your comment about it, seems like it's serverside? Was looking to kill those arrows too, but could not find it for multiplay :x They are handy if your new to the game and dont know the maps, but you should be able to make em dissappear if you know the maps imo.

      No one about the friends list and why friends dont stick/ cant be added?