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How do I add a server to favorites?

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    I'm having the same problems as you guys are except the legs being gone thing.I just wish they could have spruced up UWindows and kept it simple but I guess they wanted to cater to all instead of releasing a pc version and a console version.I think the game has the stuff in there somewhere to be a great game.There are just too many bugs.I wonder who the testers were?
    Were they playing the same game they released?I don't know about you guys but Im still playing UT 1999 and there is still 2000 servers up and most are populated.It's hard to find 10 servers populated in UT3.


      Originally posted by Shady View Post
      Who knows... this game is a bug and only a new game will fix it.
      come on, don't start crying poor boy, nothings perfect, be happy with what you have. i hate people like you, only complaining and nothing doing!!!


        Editing config files to get favorites added...yeesh, what are we running, LINUX?! Haha just kidding, no linux client yet