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Dvd drive wont reconize the ut3 dvd

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    Dvd drive wont reconize the ut3 dvd

    Hi got my UT3 today and when i put the dvd in the drive just doesnt reconize that a dvd has been inserted and just continues to say "No Disk in DVD E Drive" Any one got any ideas?

    My dvd drive is a Dvd 16x normal dvd player. Everyother dvd and game dvd's have worked but this one just doesnt seem to be reconized.


    only thing i can think of is to try cleaning the dvd itself.

    use a little isoprphyl(sp?) alcohol and some cottom swabs, start at the center of the dvd and clean from the circle to the outside.

    if that doesn't do it, return the game dvd for another one, if that's possible?

    i had a similar problem witih the TDU dvd, but that was the only dvd i was using, game or otherwise.

    the dvd-rom itself was crapping out, so i replaced it and haven't had the problem since.



      If you can get the make and model,goto there website for the latest firmware.


        If none of the above works, there's a possibility that some other software could be causing a conflict (usually things like CD writing programs and/or copy protection software like Starforce) in which case you could either:

        A) Start>Run>Msconfig and disable anything in 'Startup' that automatically detects DVD's etc (eg, CTDVDDET, which gets installed with Soundblaster soundcards)

        or B) Boot into Safe mode and install UT3 from there (any progs that might be causing a conflict should have been disabled)