UT3 is running great for me - i feel very lucky, but i wish i could host a match to play with my friends.. they get connection failed every time.. i looked through the forum and tried to search, but i didn't dig up anything about this..
i havent tried unhooking my router, but i'm not about to unplug it every time i want to host a match.. umm.. maybe i should have tried that before posting.. but i'd rather get some input before i get my friend to sit down and test again with me..
i already have port 7777 forwarded from playing UT2k4 which i can host just fine.. i tried putting my PC in the DMZ.. we both have the 1.1 patch, but my friend can't connect still..
i'm guessing it's to do with the router.. but you tell me...?!?
router is Linksys WRT54GS v.3 with newest official firmware..
we can both play online just fine.. i don't remember if i have tried to connect to him.. i kind of think that failed as well...
thanks for any input..!
and happy holiday fragging!