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ATI Radeon x850 pro 256mb

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    ATI Radeon x850 pro 256mb

    Well I use ATI Radeon x850 pro 256mb. Is that good enough to play UT3 with?

    I think im good on the rest:

    1 gig of ram
    3.0 ghz processor
    over 90 gigs of free HD space
    DirectX 9.0

    First off you'll need an extra gig on top of your current ram. + unless that's a dual core I'd upgrade it to a dual core but you'd have to ask someone else I'm not sure if it'll run ut3 ok or not. Plenty of HD though.

    As for your card: it's AGP (unless it's sapphire)which is outdated so you'll definitely want to upgrade to a PCI-E card, pref the x1950PRO or x1650 if you're short on cash. Even if it's PCI-E, I recommend you upgrade as that's an outdated card.

    Sorry, but you're going to have to upgrade your PC wuite a bit to play UT3.


      I've got the same card along with a P4 3.4ghz and 1 gig ram. The game looks dreadful and runs appallingly.

      So, yeah, you'll have to upgrade.


        A better video card is your best option, followed by more RAM (though the game only uses up about 400MB really, so this is less important than the video card upgrade for you).

        From there:

        Here are some options you might try:

        Edit the UTEngine.ini which can be found in My Documents\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config

        For ATI cards:

        ...and then...



        Let us know if that works.

        Also, if you still have problems, try the other tweaks in my thread, listed in my sig below. In particular, read the opening post thoroughly, looking for the specific problems you are having, and the solutions found there, so far.

        (To be clear, do NOT edit anything in Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config)