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lots of bugs

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    yea it kinda sucks when the game dont work =/ i got it 3 days ago too and i can play 10-20 mins before my crash happends... and no one who wrote in my topic wrote something that could help me...

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    lots of bugs

    ok this is the second bug this game is giving me, and i only have it for 3 days. im starting to regret buying original. and shouldve copied it like the rest.

    2 erors:
    1. i cant host anything, the thing keeps teling me i need to set my portforward etc... i even disabled my whole firewall and fukal hapens.

    2. i always leave my account on log in auto. now when i went in the game tells me the account password is wrong. and that i should visit gamespyid. i visited and changed my password. and FUKAL hapens agen.

    so im pretty disapointed in this game. if i play another 10 minutes the game will propably make me get the blue screen of death.

    so tell me how the hell do i fix this?? cuz this is the wirst ive ever seen in a new game