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My game was working fine!

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    My game was working fine!

    I had no issues...until i reached a set point through the campaign mode. At this point on the same map over and over i got crashes. So i tryed everything suggested on here to fix things, and one of them worked as it was totally fine.

    No slow down, no lags, lots of fun and no problems at all.

    Then it happened again on the map after the mining operation level (something to do with an island and a communications thing), i get the dreaded UT3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. I got this error twice and then couldn't run the game, i just got the same error, twice, every time.

    I un-installed the game and re-installed it, and the same thing happened, i applied the patch and every possible change and its done nothing. Why this has happened now after hours of it being fine i don't know, but its frustrating to say the least.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    I guess i'm the only one then...


      no suggestions on anything i can do to try and sort this?

      My computer meets the req's drivers are all up to date, i've tryed ever change to prevent crashes i can do since it stopped running.


        Which of the fixes have you tried and what is your spec?


          I had the exact same thing: crash during the audio briefing before a campaign map.

          Follow the bug FAQ here:

          The fix for me was completely uninstalling my drivers in safe mode with Driver Sweeper and installing the latest betas:


            alright well I started over. Cleaned everything related to the game off the computer, shut it down and reinstalled it. It worked well until i played the same map as last time. Islander i think it might be but i expect it to crash again so didn't check.

            It now won't start again. So i've tryed editing the ini file, driver updates, i didn't have the audio openal thingy on.

            I'm trying the whole driver sweeper thing now, but for it to be the same identical map that seemingly caused the crash surely its more something related to the game?


              Did you try the .ini tweaks listed in the FAQ sticky link? That's the next step.


                Hmm... on a similar vein, I'm having problems out of the blue as well.

                I installed it yesterday and played through the missions up to where you have to drive the tank onto the pressure pad. I had quit out midway through the map to go do something else.

                I came back today and continued the campaign. On the first try, as soon as I clicked "Begin Mission", my screen went black and my monitor power light started blinking like it had lost signal, and I could hear the audio ambiance continuing in the background (not looping like some crashes do, but I couldn't hear any other actions like gameplay was proceeding... just the same ambient noise continued playing). No error messages came up, and all keyboard input did nothing.

                I hard-reset, and tried again. This time, I got about 30 seconds in before the same thing happened.

                I'm about to give it another try, but this is really weird. It was working perfectly fine... and now this. I'll report back once I find out more.

                Well, it's not OpenAL. I was using it, and turning it off had no effect. Before I turned it off though, I did crash a little differently-- this time it was in the middle of the level loading up... instead of the monitor just losing signal, the game actually crashed to the desktop with the UT3.exe error as has been reported here.

                I'm going to try the latest beta drivers unless anyone has any other suggestions. I'm using the latest patch, and it seems the NVIDIA ini tweak is set to True by default now (as I didn't even have to change mine in the UTEngine file).

                P4 3.0ghz w/Hyper Threading
                2.5gb DDR 400
                GeForce 7800 GS (was using 163.75 drivers)
                SB X-Fi Music

                If this helps at all, here is the logged event in Event Viewer:

                Faulting application ut3.exe, version, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3119, fault address 0x00012a7b.

                followed 20 seconds later by

                Fault bucket 564638044.


                  You could try running Memtest to make sure your RAM is OK.


                    Here are some options you might try:

                    Edit the UTEngine.ini which can be found in My Documents\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config.

                    For NVIDIA cards:

                    For ATI cards:

                    ...and then...



                    Let us know if that works.

                    Also, if you still have problems, try the other tweaks in my thread, listed in my sig below. In particular, read the opening post thoroughly, looking for the specific problems you are having, and the solutions found there, so far.