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UT3 Collector's Edition CD Key - Where is it??

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    UT3 Collector's Edition CD Key - Where is it??

    Hi folks,

    just got the game installed and it's asking me for the CD Key, fair enough. It tells me the key is on the inside of the case.. so I check the tin thing.. nada there!

    So I check the next place, back of the manual maybe? Oh, wait.. there's no manual, just the two DVD's and the hardback book.

    Anyone else had a similar problem, or have any idea where to look next?

    I'm about to go outside and check the trash for the plastic wrapper that everybody tears right off, incase it was stuck on there..

    Thanks in advance!

    There actually *is* a manual, i bought the Collectors Edition too

    The black box has two openable spaces, one with the artwork book, and another with the manual.
    The CD key is right on the manual's cover (front), on the footer

    Good luck with the game, i hope it doesn't hang to you too.


      I've checked both sides of the tin, even torn out the middle partition.. no manual


        lol @ torn out...
        well, looks like someone stole the manual from the box (having a manual with a cd key = having a license, i guess) , so you're very unlucky.
        Yes, you've wasted your money.