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Another upgrade thread =)

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    Another upgrade thread =)


    i have recently decided that im going to upgrade my PC,

    as it stands the specs are:

    Windows XP SP2 32-bit

    Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80Ghz [ dual core ]

    1GB corsair 800Mhz RAM

    Ge force 7600GS 256mb [3D fuzion]

    I'm not really very good with all the tech stuff so i decided to post a thread to see what needs updating first and what to...

    so if you could please drop your 2 cents, and give me a few ideas on what to upgrade too that would be great.

    Any help much appreciated!


    PS. i aint loaded so dont post anything thats stupidly expensive

    I'd definitely upgrade your ram, nowadays you can buy 4GB of DDR2 without draining your blood.
    But since you have only 1G @ 800mhz, it suggests me that your motherboard doesn't run DDR2..
    If it does, buy the ram
    If it doesn't, to upgrade you need in first place a new mobo, then the ram

    Second thing i'd upgrade would be the video card, i bought my ATi Radeon X1550 512MB for like 50 Euros
    If you know where to look and have a bit of knowledge, you can get better cards than yours for cheap

    Before upgrading anything, though, make sure the new thing that you are buying is compatible with your current hardware
    If you're not a "tech wizz", write on paper your system specs (i mean mobo model and such) and ask the salesman

    Hope i've been of some help



      thanks alot... have considered upgrading the RAM for quite a while now, but how would i check if i had DDR2 compatibly

      ... my mother board is :
      Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS P5VD2-MX ACPI BIOS Revision 0302


        From what google says, DDR2 is supported! You lucky! :^P


          lol great, but would windows xp 32 bit really benefit from 4 gb over 2 gb?

          ...i've heard that xp only shows 3gb-3.5gb of the ram meaning that the rest is just useless?

          thanks again


            The fact that windows is dumbass is quite irrilevant
            I have the unluck of having 4GB of ram but having a motherboard which doesn't support them (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it was too late when i discoveredt), windows thinks there are 3.4 GB of ram and he's happy.
            I think winxp32 can anyway handle 4GB

            Anyway, unlike win98 (which complained it had too few ram if it had more than 512MB) , i think winxp would ignore the exceeding ram...
            I hope so


              thanks again.. for graphics update i was looking at HD 3850 256mb GDDR3 as im on a budget...
              i've heard this runs ut3 very well and at max settings.. as far as RAM goes i think i might opt for 2 gb as i need to save money

              RAM...2Gb DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 memory for 30 quid which i think sounds quite reasonable..


                ok now im looking @ getting either:

                geforece 8800GT 512mb or sapphire ATI HD 3870

                2gb of g.skill 800Mhz over corsair 2gb 800Mhz to save money =)

                does this seem reasonable?
                and which GPU would you choose, bearing in mind im on a tight budget, n need to save money where i can!

                8800GT =
                HD 3870 =


                  Both come to $326.98 or 164.80 pounds which is roughly the top end of my budget [ this is for the g.skill + 8800gt ]


                    I would go with the corsair for ram and the 8800gt for the gpu.


                      defo 8800gt, i have one on the way (ordered over a week ago) so you can get the Palit Sonic 8800gt (better fan than stock card and slightly overclocked) for £128 from amazon. That's cheaper than the HD 3850 for sure.