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Stuttery Performance

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    Stuttery Performance

    I'm having a problem where the game runs fine for 30 seconds to a few minutes... and then suddenly for no reason the FPS just dies, and the game becomes nearly unplayable.

    I'm playing on a laptop; its specs are..

    Intel Core2 Duo 6700 processor
    Dual Nvidia 7950GTX in SLI
    4GB RAM

    Inconsistant performance is quite common it seems.

    mine runs at 80-100 fps then for no reason at all it suddenly drops to 20 for a split second then back up.
    On my old rig it ran at 40 then randomly dropped to 5-20 for a few seconds.

    Most notably when characters appear on screen, although it sometimes happens for no reason at all.
    there's a stickied thread somewhere saying they're trying to fix it.


      Heh, okay..

      Yeah, for me it was pretty much happening for no reason, I would be walking towards something, or not even moving at all... and the FPS wouldn't go back up, even if I would look straight down or straight at a wall or anything.