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    Help please

    Hey guys im really thinking about getting this game but seens that its so new and i haven't brought a game in a while i don't even know if my computer can run it, i would really appreciate help if you can tell me if i can run this game with at least 20-40 fps.

    1.8 processor i think
    512 mb ram
    radion 9550 / x1050 series dx 9.0 combatiable and hdr
    Windows xp (nothing amazing edition ? :S)
    I also have £100 to improve on this comp.

    So could you tell me if i can run it and what should i upgrade with the money ive got


    bumpage ?

    need a reply


      Not to be rude, but that amount of ram would be enough to run UT2003...
      I think to have good performances you'd need at least 2G and 512MB of video card, but i'm not an epicgames employee so that's just my impression
      The CPU is ok (is it dual core?), WinXP is ok

      100 pounds are like 150 euros IIRC, so i guess it's definitely not enough to upgrade everything

      Anyway, if you wanna go without doubts, download and play the demo.

      If it runs good, the game will eventually run good too




        IT will probably run it, but only on low settings/res.

        upgrade wise, I personally don't think £100 will cut it.. assuming your motherboard supports DDR-II and PCIe, you could probably get something like a GeForce 8600GT (~£70) plus 2gb RAM (~£30-40) and that would improve things greatly, but as I said, that would be assuming DDR-II and PCIe are even supported by your motherboard.

        And then there's the CPU, 1.8GHz is pretty ambiguous, the difference between, say, a Pentium 4 1.8GHz and a Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz is monumental..

        For a better, more accurate response, more specific information is needed, really.


          thanks !

          Yeah had this comp 2 years not done a thing too it cause ive never needed to.
          I mean games like hl2, css , dow run fine.

          I tried the demo and its just blotchy with no detail (still play it though . lol) .. im guessing the card doesnt cut it.

          Thanks blizzard how much money would cut it ?
          Would u say buy a new pc or stick with upgrading ?
          I have got more money i just put a rough number down to see what i could manage with that.
          And sorry i really dont know much about this stuff .. i just know 1.8 =0