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Random Crashs During Game

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    Random Crashs During Game

    Hey so yeah my UT3 loads up and i play online for a while and it will freeze, the audio will loop and the screen will freeze.. your normal annoying freeze =p. It happend during a single player cinematic and single player too, so it just crashs out after like 10 minuites or something of playing. Any suggestions?

    Im playing on a Radeon X1950 series, have no problems running the game itself, get constant 60 fps.

    1680x1050 resolution (my monitor is big).
    Im using windows XP 64-bit OS system.
    2.67, GHz, 1.00 GB of ram.

    Pretty sure its dual core, my brother made it and im not that much of a technical wizz! But please help.


    You know what, I have exactly the same problem as you. I can be playing single player or online for the lenght of a match and then when it want to load up another level the game freezes on the loading screen. The sound is still playing though. I can't do a Control Alt Delete or flip back to windows so I have to do a hard reset. Very annoying.

    I have the lastest Cat drivers installed (7.12's) running on Vista 32bit, nothing is overclocked. Everything is at stock.

    Does anyone know what could be the cause of the problem ? Crysis, CoD 4 and Bioshock all run without a hitch for hours but UT3 ain't too happy. I've reinstalled it several times and patched up to 1.1.

    Many thanks for your time and I look forwards to your help...

    Kind regards,



      I have the exact same problem. I'll be playing a match on Sinkhole in the campaign or on Deck online and the game will freeze up with the ambient audio of the map continuing to play.


        Ive had the same problem now since UT3 was released. Theres a thread here that lists several tweaks you can try to try and fix the problem (use search), but so far none of them have worked for me...



          Originally posted by PALADiN View Post
          I have the exact same problem. I'll be playing a match on Sinkhole in the campaign or on Deck online and the game will freeze up with the ambient audio of the map continuing to play.
          Yeah correct its the ambient music that loops.



            FAQ for all your troubleshooting needs lol.

            I had same problem with the intro sequence for Single Player Campaign, but got answers from the FAQ (Link Above)


              i had same pb, i could play just half of the map (black screens, freeze, etc ) and i felt on that >>

              work fine for me now maybe it can help


                Looks like the problem i am having is not so uncommon
                My UT3 too, sometimes i can play an entire match without it freezing, but it will surely hang on the next one, at a random point.
                My UT3 is original, and having spent money on it makes me even angrier indeed.
                I tried /everything/ that was posted as a solution:
                Install dual core patch, update to lastest drivers, lastest DirectX, lastest everything, patched to 1.1, disabled antialiasing and stuff, but /nothing/ happens.

                I run WinXP 32bit on Intel Core Duo 2 platform (yes, it's dual core) with 4GB ram (the problem can't derive from the low specs, right?), and an ATi Radeon X1550 512MB.
                Every other game runs like a charm, i play WoW constantly, as well as many other recent games.
                But UT3 is driving me crazy.

                Can EpicGames please give some attention to this issue?

                I offer my availability in helping the team troubleshoot/debug this issue in every way they wish, i'm not a total newbie on computers, so maybe i could be of some help

                Can UT3 run in debug mode?
                Can i get coredumps? backtraces? whatever? where should i eventually submit them?

                Thank you for your attention



                  Yeah my problem is nothing to do with the opening cinematic, it will randomly crash.

                  I can play an entire game online or single player sometimes and it might crash on the next one. With the ambient music looping.