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x1950 pro AGP UT3..

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    x1950 pro AGP UT3..

    Firstly I would like to say hi, my first post here.

    Ok, I was lucky/unlucky to have purchased the x1950 pro gpu last week.
    I have an nforce2 clapped out system run by an xp3200 barton.
    All I wanted to do was run UT3 better than my agp 6800.

    As you could guess I installed the 7.7 cats, rubbish. Omega 7.10, stuttered. I then installed 7.6, ok but not brill.

    Soo I installed the cat 7.5`s. still rubbish.
    Unistalled ut3 and reinstalled and was still rubbish but what I noticed was that some settings were still in place i.e username logged in and display etc...
    Why after re-installing?
    Soo I went into my documents, games ut3 and then utgame and deleted all the ini files.

    Ran the game and yes it`s like a first run, input your username etc but at least it has forgotten about how the game ran using my 6800 (which it didn`t without deleting my ini`s)

    Soo, with a fresh install, old ini`s deleted and a setting of textures 2 and world 1 I have finally found moving around deck and (the map with the bell) runs very smoothly.

    I was going to rma the card but have spent alot of time trying to make the game work which now is playable.


    edit, xp pro, 350 enermax psu, 1 gig ram