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    Invalid CD Key

    I just purchased Unreal Tournament 3 today and I am having problems entering my CD key. The game installs without incident, but as soon as I launch the game and try to enter my CD key I receive a message that the CD key is invalid.

    I tried returning the game to Best Buy and they exchanged it for another copy. I uninstalled the game and did a search on the drive for any files or folders with Unreal in the title. I made sure that I included system file and hidden files in the search. I deleted everything that was found. I also searched the registry for similar entries and deleted them as well.

    I tried disabling my windows firewall and Sophos Antivirus. I then re-installed the game with the newly exchanged disk, but even with the new CD key I get the same result.

    I went to the download section of your Website and downloaded the latest patch, but that didn't help either. I did some searching on your boards and found quite a few posts with people complaining about the same issue, is there any fix for this problem?

    I am running an AMD Duel Core processor 4600+
    4 Gig of DDR2 PC6400 Ram
    XP Pro SP2
    Geforce 8600 GTS Video Card

    I run a very clean system, as little as possible running in the background. no chat software, no P2P, no Google ****, no extraneous software of any kind. It is an extremely fast clean system, and I am the only user.

    Please let me know if there is a fix for this issue!

    Thank you

    There is no current fix for this issue as of yet. A lot of people are experiencing it.


      I noticed there are quite a few posts about this problem.