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What are the frameworks, runtimes installed with the game ?

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    Oh, I forgot another thing, I can't format C:\ too, I mean that's my PC (at work)

    I just need to know how to install frameworks manually.

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    Format c and start clean

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  • What are the frameworks, runtimes installed with the game ?

    I'm trying to install UT3 on the PC that has some rollback software installed (It resets Registry Key and all files in C:\ when the PC restarts ---- But not D:\ which I chose to install UT3 ----)

    The installation went fine and I could play the game (But the PC is crashy, well it's own PC's fault)

    So that when the PC crashes and I have to restart it, I can't play the game anymore, it shows up error messages like "Invalid blabla" or .NET framework not installed when I try to run the game.

    I think the rollback software (EzBack) causes the problem as it rolls back any files intalled to C:\ including PhysX and .NET update thingy that I saw during the game installation, so all the framework updates, PhysX thingy are gone. (And not sure if the game requires registry key too)

    Now, I don't know any solution to install those components without having to reinstall the whole game again. Can someone help me out ? What I need to do to install those things without wasting like 15mins to reinstall the game as I already have it on my D:\

    Or could you provide me the actual frameworks, runtimes required to play UT3 ? I'm sure that you could download all of them somewhere, but I don't know how many of them I have to download.


    * BTW I don't have control over EzBack rollback software for some reason, so please don't tell me to just take a new snapshot after I install my game !

    ** Oh, don't worry about files in "My Documents\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config", thats the only thing I know that I need to backup for now, but the others... not :\