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Which one should I get ?

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    Which one should I get ?


    I just bought the Collecters Edition yesterday & have been fragging online since. The thing is, my video card is a bit too old to even handle a bit of graphic setting increment. My ingame settings & hardware are like :

    800 x 600 resolution
    Screen percentage : 100
    Texture detail : 1
    World detail : 1
    Average FPS = 22 - 29

    P4 2.4 GHz
    ASUS P4P 800E-DLX motherboard
    ATI RADEON 9550 - 128MB

    It is still playable but it's kinda umm ugly looking. What I'm looking for now is a new AGP video card that will at least let me play with 1024 x 768 resolution with texture & world detail set to 2. I was told that it was time to buy a new PC but it's a choice that I can't afford right now.

    The question is now, which AGP card should I buy ? I'm not such on a low budget nor do I have a high one. But if forking out a few more would get me even better results with the game graphics, I don't mind. I would prefer nvidia since I haven't try how their cards perform.

    Thank you.

    7950GT AGP if you can find one. Otherwise, get a 7800GS AGP. Your CPU is likely hurting your framerate just as much, though. ;_;


      I've been sporting a Athlon 3200+, 1Gig of PC2700 memory with a 1950GT ( overclocked to slightly above Pro speeds ) and the highest I can go is 2/1 at 1024x768.

      My g/f's dual-core laptop with a Go7600 can run 3/3. UT3 is a very CPU intensive game.

      Thankfully, I just ordered a new MB, E4500 CPU and 2 gigs of PC-5300 RAM tonight (all for under $300). Gonna keep on using the 1950GT since I'm on a tight budget, but really needed to upgrade some

      Trust me, I know what it's like to be tight on money and want more power the easiest route possible, but I'd suggest waiting till you can go dual-core instead of spending alot of loot on a AGP card.