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    UT3 crashes... (bluescreen error) new

    i wrote this be4 [Hi , I bought this game earlier today... first i had problems and errors while i was installing the game but that is fixed now.

    When i start the game i get a "bluescreen error" so i restarted my computer and tried again.. bluescreen! then i restarted and sent a "wrongreport" to microsoft and got to their website and there i downloaded updates for my computer. then i tried to start ut3 again but same... BLUESCREEN!... >.<
    **** i paid for this game and i wanna play it... What can i do? please help me.]

    and i got a answer to look at a link and i tr to do as it is writen there but when i shall go in and find the UTEngine.ini i can't find it!

    i installed it in c:\Programfiles\unreal tournament 3
    i went to c:\Programfiles\unreal tournament 3\UTGame

    i can't find the UTEngine.ini where exactly is it? i have tried in about 10-15min to find it now..

    found it..

    i found it np now