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Error by continue campaign

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    Error by continue campaign


    Well i started a campaign with no problems. Now do i want to continue my campaign by pressing 'continue campaign'. Now do i get a message.

    Your network configuration is not compatible with hosting matches. Please check your router's manual for instructions on setting up 'Port Forwarding' or a 'DMZ server'.

    With online gaming i don't have any problems. The campaign problem started when i installed the 1.1 patch.

    What do i need to?

    If you're not connecting with a friend over the internet, ignore the error. I believe the error is simply telling you that UT3's new STUN server setting isn't getting out past your router so that you can share across the net.


      I'm playing a private campaign. After the error message i need to start all over by starting a private campaign or to host a campaign.

      I have open the port 7777 and it is still not working.


        Still i have the same problem. But i can play the campaign mode normally now. When you get the error message from port forwarding you just proceed. you just press start private campaign again en you go to your mission selection. Is it some kind of bug?