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Game crash (with video)

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    Game crash (with video)

    I was recording a video of UT3 to show my friends and stuff, but the game crashed when I entered a leviathan with only the wheels visible.

    It was very weird, when I entered the vehicle, the game just continued, but only the HUD would change, and there was no sound. I could switch weapons and shoot, but the screen just didn't change. E didn't do anything. When I pressed Q the game crashed..

    I have uploaded the video on youtube:

    Haven't had this before, but since I have a video, maybe Epic could fix it.

    M-M-M-M-Mister Crow!

    I have spent 10 hours playing Onyx Coast so far and it keept crashing at least 1-2 times thanks to faulty nVIDIA ForceWare drivers...

    ...but, yes indeed, this was something very new and pretty disturbing:

    Baby come back:

    Oh **** not again:

    Belly of the beast:

    Kids don't try this at home! Meh seriously!! I should have never trusted those 6 wheels without a driver seat attached to it!!! You just wait for the Necris DarkWalkers to destroy your Leviathan so it could Respawn in a healthier state of mind from the Almighty Axon Underworld

    ...unless you like dark places as such, with 20 FPS and a pretty lethal game crash while you are heavily trying to exit that hellspawn of a vehicle, o'course!

    But heck, behold, some uninvited guests:

    Oh well, "praise our skill" and **** the IMG limit...

    Remember kids, there are no such things as bugs, there are only hidden features! I wish for some fixing in 2008 and Happy Holidays for the moment!! This game is still an amazing state of art with awesome-almost-everything!!!

    *warning fanboy moment* P.S.: The OST rocks! *fanboy moment over*


      That is very cool indeed. Maybe some files got corrupt on your HD? You may want to scan it for errors.


        But noes!

        It's a freshly reformatted HD with an also freshly installed OS that I am about using for 1-2 weeks...? Everything works perfect *but* my beloved UT3

        Now is it Vista again...?

        ...or should I say always?

        Oh BTW Ronnie and I have to escape to Mexico now that Epic knows that we know about the Leviathan and that goes for you as well Oldkawman if you want to live!