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UT3 People, EPIC People, please respond.

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    UT3 People, EPIC People, please respond.

    So, I've made 2 posts here, one of which was ignored and the other was outright deleted because it was not the most comfortable thing to read.

    Anyway, I've made it very clear that installing UT3 has forced me to keep the My Document's folder configured to the default location, which is my C drive. I'm using Windows XP. When I attempted to install the demo or the official game, I had the My Documents folder relocated to my other harddrive, which is a perfectly acceptable thing. However, UT3 does not create ini files, thus fails to remember settings.

    My question to Epic and anyone else is, have they been working on this? This is a vast problem, I'm sure. Somebody out there probably has the same exact problem, but is there any hope?

    I do not intend on keeping the My Document's folder set to my C drive forever. UT3 is not special. It should abide by the rules and put inis where they're supposed to go, not to some non-existent location.

    My My Documents folder is located an drive D, which is an other physikal harddisk.
    I had no problems with the demo an the final of UT3 regarding to ini-files (creating, saving, ...).

    Maybe it depends on the name of the folder, are there any special characters in it?
    If so, try it without. I've seen many programs having troubles with special characters in a path.


      It's because I had my my documents folder set to D:\. It's not D:\My Documents. This is what makes it forgo creating the ini files. Epic needs to fix their ****.


        Will this help?


          Yes, editing the target path on your UT3.exe shortcut to include -nohomedir at the end will make UT3 use the install directory for running the game, instead of it using your My Documents on the C: drive. Like this, "%driveletter%\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -nohomedir

          Once you add this to the shortcut, make sure you launch the game at least once so the config files will get created in the %driveletter%:\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config folder.

          If you plan on editing any .ini files in the UT3 install directory Config folder, it would be advisable to not edit files that are named Default.

          If you will be adding custom Maps or Characters to your UT3, and using -nohomedir, you will need to manually create a directory in the UT3 install location: (I found this on the forum last week, but danged if I can find the thread again.)

          %Driveletter%:\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps


          %Driveletter%:\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomChars

          By doing this you can now create an individual folder for each map or character, such as:

          %Driveletter%:\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps\DM-Shrine

          Just load ALL the files for the map into the folder you create for it, .ini file and everything.

          This was just what I was looking for since I have UT3 installed on a raid and my C: drive is on a separate hard-drive, and did not want to fill up C: with 60MB+ map files. Plus, being able to keep each map in its own folder definitely keeps things organized.

          Hope this helps.

          Unfortunately, the -nohomedir will not stop the game from prompting for your CD-key if you switch from playing off-line, with no internet connection, to playing on-line. This is an issue that is being worked by Epic.