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Ps3 version Mod crashed?

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    Ps3 version Mod crashed?

    Is anybody else having this guys problem with Ps3 version?

    Originally posted by ShinMegamiTenhead
    So i imported the available user created maps for Unreal Tournament 3 and things were fine for a short while yesterday. Then today i tried to play the game and when it started up my system crashed, then after restart of system and game, the game said something like ''it appears your game crashed due to user created content, do you want to disable user created content -- yes or no''

    So after saying YES, it still crashes at the title & or menu screen.

    I was finally able to not only delete the user created maps from ''My Content'' game menu of UT, but also deleted the save data, and the game data for UT3 from my ps3 and it still crashes.

    so my question..

    anyone else experiencing this or know what the **** is going on ???

    PS- ive tried different games like Warhawk and PAIN and they both work fine.