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FPS drops and Weird noises

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    FPS drops and Weird noises

    Hi all,

    After fiddling around and generally banging my head against the wall, im still no further to diagnosing my problem. I have read a lot of posts where people are getting fps drops. Ive done extensive testing on my machine and i too am experiencing these FPS drops.

    My system runs fine for approx 10-20 mins. I get at 800x600 a constant 80fps, dipping to 50 in firefights; or at 1440x900 a constant 60fps dipping to 40 in battles. After 10-20 min, my FPS will drop to 1-5FPS randomly for about 10-30 seconds and at any resolution. This effectively is a freeze of the game. I took my cover off my PC and noticed that when this FPS drop occurs, i hear a tick sound then i can hear a whirl sound (like the fan is starting up when you power on your comp) coming from my computer and when this sound finishes, the computer unfreezes and is back to normal. I dont think it a heat issue because it happens at all resolutions and o'c or not. Its not my memory, i memtested it, actually found a faulty stick and had it replaced. Maybe a PSU issue -dont know. Any suggestions as to what it is? My computer specs:

    C2D E6850 @3.0GHz
    Vista X64
    4GB Ram
    4x250GB SATA
    ASUS EAH3850 w/ latest 7.12 driver
    ASUS P5K Deluxe Wifi w/ latest BIOS/chipset drivers
    450W PSU

    Ive also tried my old 8600GT with the latest drivers, not as fast as the 3850, but i still got the FPS drops(freezes).

    My GFX card temps are idling at 40-50degrees and during game up to 70-80degrees. This occurs with Overdrive on or off.

    Id just like to add ive had several random game crashes too, namely:

    Graphics display adatper has stopped responding and will restart: only rarely
    UT3.exe has closed: only rarely too.

    Most of the time though, my FPS drops to below 5 and then resumes to normal after 10-30 seconds.