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Graphics won't change resolution!

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    Graphics won't change resolution!

    When I first installed the game, a window game up saying that I was below system requirements. I only have a 1.8 processor.

    Model : AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+
    Speed : 1.80GHz
    Model Number : 3200
    Cores per Processor : 1 Unit(s)
    Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)
    Internal Data Cache : 64kB, Synchronous, Write-Back, 2-way, 64 byte line size
    L2 On-board Cache : 256kB, ECC, Synchronous, Write-Back, 16-way, 64 byte line size

    But why would that affect my graphics?

    Here is my computer graphic info:

    Video System
    Desktop Monitors/Panels : 2
    Monitor/Panel : Default Monitor
    Monitor/Panel : Default Monitor
    Monitor/Panel : Default Monitor
    Monitor/Panel : Plug and Play Monitor
    Monitor/Panel : HP mx705 CRT Monitor
    Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

    So my graphics card is above the recommended card, yet for some reason I can't change my game's resolution to the defaults or any high than 640x480? Why not?

    I mean, I can still play the game, but it stinks! Half the fun is being able to see the face of who you are killing, am I not right?

    Please help me. Thanks.

    -- WeepinAngel


    bump please


      are your gfx drivers installed?
      is your DX up to date?
      try pressing f10 and typing "setres 1280x1024"


        Originally posted by WeepinAngel View Post

        But why would that affect my graphics?
        The higher the resolution, the more information your CPU has to process. I don't know how it all works, but just because it says "resolution", doesn't mean that its solely dependent on the graphics card.


          And I tried this...

          I reinstalled, and it gave me this "incompatibility" message. So I went to the release notes (a readme file in the folders(like it told me to do)), and it says to try doing a whole bunch of stuff.

          I couldn't read it off of my computer, so I uploaded it to Google Docs.

          The percentage thing didn't work, and I'm going to try the other things now.