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fps issues & Lan issues

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    fps issues & Lan issues

    I'm having fps issues on DM,Sentinal when ever I grab the amp damage my fps drops from 60 to 35 and is very choppy intell I die and loose the amp

    Other issue.

    With the lan game when I try and host a game I have the ability to host what game type and what not. but when ever my friend on the computer next to me tries to join he cannot see a game. also he is stuck with the setting to see a Death match game instead of the game type I have selected Duel or Team Death match or campaign.

    I am able how ever to see my own server if its a dedicated server in the browser and join it on my own local computer.
    also we have tried to join by IP and still not working he gets to the loading screen of the map like its loading the map then it says Connection failed.

    I am currently using Windows Vista home edition & behind the vista firewall using a dial up but I'm sure that wont effect playing just LAN together.

    any one have any input?